PERPETUAL CARE is the Studio & Design portfolio of Music Producer and Club Performer, Joel Eel

Korean-Canadian artist and Forth collective label manager Joel Eel presents his new album “Performing a Crime” - self-released on September 14th.

Performing A Crime is a concept of how being in love, can feel criminal in and of itself. It is the observation of how two people intimately in love, exchanging a conversation that can result in misunderstanding — emotions become reactionary and eventually overpower the positive motive of one’s intent.

The emotional exchange of tenderness one day, can be ultimately forgotten or destroyed the next. All loving  — expressive ideas no longer resonate --  can be distorted by emotions. Social media takes its part; simplifying complex expressions — such as how the act of unfollowing can be interrupted as an opposition of perpetual care.

The album recieved international press and visibility on various music channels: DJ Mag, Inverted Audio, Paper Magazine, Red Bull Radio, Resident Advisor,  Noods Radio, Exclaim and Now Magazine.
Creative Direction
Video Direction
Art Direction
Video Editing
Product Design
Social Strategy

Product Photography by: James Kachan


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Lobster Records
Juno Records
OYE, Bleep
Rotate This
Invisible City Records 

Remixes by: Baltra, Aquarian & TYVYT-IYTYI

New Justine is a Beautiful Name. A collective of DJs, musicians, producers, directors, poetry, and image makers An outlet to exercise ideas to bridge the dichotomy of: “audible raw” + “visual lush.”

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Product Design
Social Media

Product Photography by: Brent Goldsmith

Wave Music is a crowdfunding platform to fans and artists to help kickstart concerts.

Responsible for overall brand vision—Concept, Video Direction/editing, UX Design for iOS, wire framing, prototyping & social content.

Design implimentation and wireframing MVP, website and early beta, along with tracking analytics, and overall strategy. User growth and early platform adoption with artists and vendors, expanding the platform’s early database.
Creative Direction
Video Direction
Art Direction
UX Design
Product Design
Video Editing
Social Strategy
Forth is a event company from Toronto, organized by a group of friends who have a strong passion for dance music. Their contributions help build awareness in the toronto scene through bookings and collaborations with Red Bull Radio. Past events have included: Daniel Avery, Essaie Pas, Marie Davidson, DJ Stingray, Avalon Emerson, Delroy Edwards, DJ Seinfield, Baltra, Actress, ACT!, OCTA OCTA, Aquarian,Xosar, Orphix, Zenker Brothers and Mall Grab.

In 2018, the label launched and releasing compilations Vol. 1 & 2, consist some of Toronto’s finest talented producers. Calling upon friends and colleagues who represent the diverse underground electronic scene, the releases feature club focused material from: Ciel, Gingy, 'R', Kontravoid, Hadi, Joel Eel, Aquarian, E-Sagilla, Basic Soul Unit, TYVYT - ITYTI, and Dance City Corporation.

The following compilations have premiered on notible music outlets: Resident Advisor, BBC Radio 1, Les Yeux Orange, If-Only, XLR8R, and Mixmag.

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Product Design

Product Photography: James Kachan

Press + Reviews
MixMag April Issue - Bass + Club music review 9/10
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Exclaim Magazine 8/10
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DJ Mag - March issue #579

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