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Freelance Creative Direction & Design for Pride Toronto 2019.
In Partnership with Mutek, MOCCA, Trace Labs, and Artscape

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Korean-Canadian artist and Forth collective label manager Joel Eel presents his new album “Performing a Crime” - self-released on September 14th.

Performing A Crime is a concept of how being in love, can feel criminal in and of itself. It is the observation of how two people intimately in love, exchanging a conversation that can result in misunderstanding — emotions become reactionary and eventually overpower the positive motive of one’s intent.

The emotional exchange of tenderness one day, can be ultimately forgotten or destroyed the next. All loving  — expressive ideas no longer resonate --  can be distorted by emotions. Social media takes its part; simplifying complex expressions — such as how the act of unfollowing can be interrupted as an opposition of perpetual care.

The album recieved international press and visibility on various music channels: DJ Mag, Inverted Audio, Paper Magazine, Red Bull Radio, Resident Advisor,  Noods Radio, Exclaim and Now Magazine.
Creative Direction
Video Direction
Art Direction
Video Editing
Product Design
Social Strategy

Product Photography by: James Kachan


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Lobster Records
Juno Records
OYE, Bleep
Rotate This
Invisible City Records 

Remixes by: Baltra, Aquarian & TYVYT-IYTYI

New Justine is a Beautiful Name. A collective of DJs, musicians, producers, directors, poetry, and image makers An outlet to exercise ideas to bridge the dichotomy of: “audible raw” + “visual lush.”

Creative Direction
Art Direction
Product Design
Social Media

Product Photography by: Brent Goldsmith

Branding for INUIM. More info coming soon.
Juno Plus
Now Magazine